Mitsubishi EVO series to have a successor

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Lancer Evolution X

Last month Mitsubishi said that they were in no mood to continue the Lancer Evolution series after the Evolution X as the evolution needs to stop. After this news was out, it was almost a riot on social networking sites and and auto websites which filled Mitsubishi’s mail box with angry mails. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, Mitsubishi President & C.E.O. Mr Osamu Masuko made an official statement saying that the the Evolution X will not be the last car in the series and its successor will follow.

The production of the current running Evo X will be as planned till another year round 2012 and for the Evo XI (or whatever the name of the new car may be) will be based on market feedback, research and regulations during that time. Mr Masuko also said that as the market needs and demands change Mitsubishi will consider not advancing in the same way as it did for the earlier cars in the series, they will find a different direction for the Evo XI.

The last statement irks us to speculate that the Evo XI will be a diesel electric hybrid vehicle with an amazing power like the Evo always had and since it will be hybrid we expect better fuel economy. Well even though it’s too early for the Evo XI idea but we can wait for this one to arrive.

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