Mission R and Mission RS Electric Superbikes unveiled

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Subsequent to our earlier report, Mission Motorcycles have pulled the curtains off their twin electric superbikes. Claimed to be the world’s most advanced superbikes, Mission motorcycles has unveiled two variants of its successful prototype. With one being an exclusive limited edition Mission RS that would be restricted to 40 units, the other is a street ready production model Mission R.

Mission R Electric Superbike-2

Both these electric superbikes are powered by a liquid cooled 160 bhp (at the rear wheel) 3 phase induction electric motor generating 162.69 nm of torque (a Ducati Panigale makes 132.4nm) available at the slightest behest of the wrist. The difference between the bikes of course starts with the pricing. Where the Mission RS costs a whopping US$ 59,999, the Mission R would retail for US$ 32,499 with both motorcycles entitled to a $2500 federal EV tax credit.

On the spec chart, the Mission RS comes brimmed with race goodies- Öhlins FGRT200 43mm USD forks at the front and an Öhlins TTX36MkII linked monoshock at the rear. An exotic set of BST 7-spoke carbon fibre wheels and 320mm Brembo T-Drive fully floating rotors with GP4-RX CNC machined radial calipers.

Mission RS Electric Superbike

The Mission R on the other hand though deprived of the exotic componentry comes with battery pack options of 12, 15 and 17kWh giving it a range anywhere between 168 to 225 kms on a single charge. Both the Mission RS and the Mission R are equipped with regenerative braking that kicks in when the throttle is rolled off.

Speaking on performance, both of these electric superbikes will hit 0-100 kph under 3 seconds with a top speed of 241kph (150 mph) and crosses the quarter mile mark in 10.492 seconds.

Mission Electric Superbike console

Also the two motorcycles feature MissionOS which is a cellular-data enabled, high resolution, pressure-sensitive touch screen based UI that supports integrated GPS, Bluetooth, an integrated image-stabilized HD camera, and head-up display (HUD) integration. It also provides turn-by-turn GPS navigation, communications, controls, track mode, and ride telemetry data with the OS that can be updated on the move.

Mission Electric Superbike GPS

The Mission RS and Mission R would be built in the United States and available for international sale with US customers being obliged with personal delivery service. Reservations can be placed through a refundable deposit of US$ 10,000 for the RS and US$ 5000 for the R.

So who’s booking ONE?

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