MG Motor India Joins Hands With Attero To Recycle Li-ion Batteries In India

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MG Motor India is playing a crucial role in strengthening India’s electric revolution. Its all-electric offering, the ZS EV is considered to be one of the best EVs available in the country today and the company has been on its toes to improve the charging infrastructure in our country. In line with the vision of creating an end-to-end electric vehicle ecosystem in India, MG Motor India has now joined hands with Attero.

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The partnership is aimed at reusing and recycling the Li-ion batteries of EVs in India after their end-of-life. Attero, India’s largest electronic asset management company and clean-tech provider, conducts its battery end-of-use management in India.

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Official statements

Speaking on the occasion, Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “We have been continuously working on expanding the ecosystem in the EV space, as one of the first entrants in the segment. The partnership with Attero gives our customers more confidence with respect to the battery’s end-of-life usage. The move will assist in responsible recycling and will further minimize the carbon footprint of ZS EV users while supporting the local economy.”

Nitin Gupta, Attero’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “We believe in sustainable approaches as we are committed to the ‘Clean India, Green India’ vision. More people are purchasing EVs due to environmental concerns and are readily driving the adoption. At Attero, we are today enabling India to innovate more and disrupt the global paradigm while generating minimal e-waste, wherein we hold more than 30 global patents for our recycling technologies. We are delighted to join hands with MG and feel that Attero is the best match to the high-performance batteries provided in its vehicles.”


With the steep rise in fuel prices, depleting fossil fuel reserves and increasing pollution, EVs make more sense than ever. Although here in India, our infrastructure doesn’t really allow many of us to own an electric vehicle for the longer trips, modern-day EVs have shown us that they could be as practical, feature-rich and fun to drive as their ICE counterparts, as long as we don’t plan on taking them to remote hinterlands.

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At the affordable end of the spectrum, India has three popular electric offerings – Tata Nexon EV, MG ZS EV and the Hyundai Kona electric. Out of the three EVs listed here, it is the MG ZS EV that really makes the strongest case for itself as the best overall EV, by excelling on parameters such as affordability, range, performance and features. Here’s why.

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