MG Cyberster Electric Car Teased; Gets 5G Connection And A Gaming Cockpit!

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Ahead of its global unveil slated for March 31, renderings of MG Cyberster have surfaced which give a solid glimpse at how this two-door EV sports car has been designed. The MG Cyberster’s front, side angles & tail lamp reveal MG’s plans for developing one of the fastest electric sports cars in the modern-day era. Looking at the images, you can’t help but think this is going to be a mega project for MG Motors.

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The MG Cyberster was first trailed last year on a social media post by parent company SAIC’s London-based design studio, but these images reveal a far more comprehensive picture of what MG has in store for us.

MG Cyberster-front (1)

As the world’s first pure supercar equipped with a gaming cockpit, as claimed by MG, the Cyberster is aimed at Gen Z.  Created by MG global design team, it inherits the classic convertible shape of the MGB Roadster. Upfront, looking at the bonnet and the way it flows towards the front splitter, it bears a slight, very slight resemblance to the Ferrari 488 Pista, which in itself, is a lovely looking car.

MG Cyberster-side view (1)

Furthermore, take look at those wheels, they appear to have been supposedly airdropped straight from the future. Overall, taking a look at all these leaks, it is obvious that MG has gone all guns blazing for this project and any aspect of the car you turn your gaze to, looks like a proper, full-blown sports car material, at least in terms of design and MG is making some bold claims regarding the Cyberster.

MG Cyberster-tail lamp (1)

With a range of 800 kilometres, which is proper Tesla territory, the Cyberster concept has a pure electric architecture and 5G connection capabilities and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/hr within 3 seconds, as claimed by MG. This sports EV could be based on the modular electric platform developed by SAIC Motors.

According to MG, the Cyberster’s rear design uses ‘’Kammback’’ styling. The fast flattened tail can improve the rear spoiler and bring better aerodynamic performance. The through-type LED taillight design outlines the Kammback shape. The front face inherits MG’s classic round headlight and coupled with slim grille design – which is MG’s throwback to the famed MG sports cars and cabriolets of the yesteryears. 

MG Cyberster-wheel (1)

Further, according to MG, the headlights are layered independently from the grille, while the front shovel lower lip represents a neat front face that offers good aerodynamic performance at the same time. From the sides, the “laser belt”, as the MG calls it, is a certain visual highlight. This LED light strip runs through the side of the body to form a powerful laser penetration visual impact. The high-performance wheels further come with rotating spokes combined with a central locking mechanism, commonly found in very high-performance models.

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