Mercedes Carzonrent JV : Now Rent a Merc!

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In an interesting move, a Mercedes Carzonrent JV has been signed which now allows customers to rent a Mercedes-Benz for self-driving. The service has initially been introduced in major metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. 

Mercedes Carzonrent JV

Carzonrent had revolutionized the car-rent market with its “Myles” brand. Now, it is providing another surprise by teaming up with Mercedes-Benz to provide self-drive options for those who look to rent a car in style. Currently, the cars available for renting are the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and C-Class saloons. As the business scales up, the Mercedes Carzonrent JV will look to providing more stylish models such as the SLK and AMG versions. The introduction of Mercedes-Benz cars will provide a better option for those customers who look to move around in luxury.

As Indians rise in affluence, the demand for luxury in personal mobility space increases. As this demand increases, brands like Carzonrent look to make a killing. The Mercedes Carzonrent JV will be a step in that right direction.

Rates for renting the Mercedes-Benz cars are reasonable, at the first look. The Mercedes Carzonrent JV has also promised to keep pricing levels transparent. The JV is also a great opportunity for Mercedes-Benz to expand its clout beyond its usual coterie of luxury customers.

Here are the rates :

Daily rental

  • Mercedes C Class – Rs. 6,500 per day
  • Mercedes E Class – Rs. 9,500 per day 

Hourly rental

  • Mercedes C Class – Rs. 900 per hr (Up to 25 km, Fuel Included)
  • Mercedes E Class – Rs. 1,200 per hr (Up to 25 km, Fuel Included)

The process of renting a Mercedes-Benz car is quite easy. One just needs to open the Carzonrent website, and select the car, whether C-Class or E-Class. Then the next step would be to select a rental option, whether daily or hourly. One can also call the  national reservation center at 0 888 222 2222 to book a car. There is still another way, and that involves the Carzonrent mobile app on Android platform.

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