Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code paint job powers the car!

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Never use an exclamation point in your article headline. That’s English 101, taught to us right in the first day of journalism school. But we just had to do it this time, for that’s the only way to properly convey the news here.

Yesterday, we brought you news of Mercedes-Benz unveiling the G-Code concept. But new information coming in from our friends over at The Verge states that, in addition to the power generated from regenerative braking and plug-in technology, the Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code will also draw power from its paint job!

There’s that exclamation mark again.

The Vision G-Code comes with a “multi-voltaic silver” paint scheme that harvests solar and wind energy. According to Mercedes, the multi-voltaic paint acts like “a giant solar cell with excellent efficiency,” recovering solar energy and relaying it into the car’s internal system. In addition, it can be charged electrostatically, by the relative wind caused by driving or the natural wind when the vehicle is stationary. The G-Code also features what Mercedes calls “power on the move” suspension, which recovers energy from the motion of the suspension to generate electricity.


Interestingly, the G-Code is by not the first Mercedes-Benz concept to focus on blue-sky environmental ideals. You might remember the 2010 Biome concept that was proposed to be grown in the lab rather than built in a factory, and would be fully biodegradable.

Although, this technology won’t be making its way to production Mercedes models anytime soon, it represents the future where carmakers are researching cutting edge materials for a sustainable future. We applaud!


Source: The Verge

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