Mercedes Benz S600 Guard India Launch Details Revealed

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So you have very deep pockets and goons are after your life ? Or you have received death threats from the underworld for not paying a ‘hafta’ to them ? Fret not ! You can be fully safe on the road in this new Mercedes Benz S600 Guard launching in India on May 21. The S600 Guard is nothing but the armoured version of the new S-Class which can withstand pretty much anything (unless a meteor aims at the Merc) and protect the occupants.

s600 guard

As most of you army men would know, there are different ratings given to vehicles which can withstand different levels of ballistic attacks. The S600 Guard offers VR9-level ballistics protection to its occupants, as per the BRV 2009 guidelines. As per the VR9-level certification, which is on of the highest levels for civilians, the car can withstand 7.62×51 mm rifle rounds on multiple areas of the body from various angles. The S600 Guard features protective components milled from special steel in various cavities between the body structure and outer shell, along with the use of heat-resistant synthetic fibres to protect occupants from projectiles. Other life-saving features include an automatic fire suppression system, emergency fresh air system in case of ingress of smoke, and hydraulic actuated side windows.

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The windows are made of thick laminated glass with polycarbonate coating to provide better ballistics protection. The under body is also armoured to prevent injury to the occupants from explosive devices. On the interior front, the S600 Guard provides all the bells and whistles of the regular S-Class and can be ordered in a four or a five seating configuration.

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Powering the S600 is a massive 6.0 liter V12 producing 530 bhp and 830 Nm of twisting force channelled to the wheels via a Mercedes’ 7G-TRONIC automatic gearbox. With all the extra weight added due to the armour, top speed is restricted to 210 kmph.

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