Mercedes-Benz E350d sales temporarily suspended in Germany

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A Self-certification scheme is followed by OEMs who are part of the European Union to make sure that their offerings comply with the set emission standards and safety norms. Emission standards can vary from country to country, with some setting a lower level of emission standards, which is the case in India, and some specifying a higher level, for example, Germany.


Mercedes-Benz uses the AdBlue exhaust gas treatment tanks to reduce the level of NOx emissions from the exhaust of its E350d sedan which is powered by an OM642 LS 3.0-litre V6 engine. The 25-litre tank of the AdBlue solution fitted to the E50d’s exhaust gas after-treatment system is reportedly facing high levels of deterioration, found out by the periodic testing carried out by Mercedes-Benz.


In order to find an appropriate solution for the problem, Mercedes-Benz has temporarily suspended sales of the E350d sedan in Germany. The solution to this problem, as per the automaker, is to re-engineer the current injection system of the catalyst and increase the surface area to help in a higher degree of atomization which will help in neutralizing NOx emissions and result in an optimum consumption of the AdBlue solution. Also, the SCR catalyst tank size will be increased to help sustain the AdBlue solution levels and avoid the possibility of the tank getting drained.


There hasn’t been any due date announced by Mercedes-Benz for the re-introduction of its E350d, but it is certain that appropriate steps are being taken to eradicate the roots of the problem being faced. This problem does not affect the E350d on sale in India as it does not make use of the AdBlue technology.

Source: Autocar

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