Mercedes B Class diesel India launch soon

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We all know that Mercedes India plans to launch the diesel variant of the B Class soon after the launch of the new A Class in our country. Now that the A Class has been launched, it is just a matter of few days before we get the B Class diesel. It has emerged that the car will be launched towards the end of June.

Unlike the A Class, which has been launched with both petrol and diesel engine options, the B Class was launched in India only with a petrol engine variant. While the B Class has met with reasonable success in our country, the lack of diesel engine keeps the car from performing even better on the sales charts.

We, however, are finally close to getting a diesel engine option for the B Class and powering the B Class diesel engine variant will be the same 2.2 litres engine that powers the diesel variant of the A Class. As is the case with the A Class, diesel engine variant of which has been named as the A180 CDI, the diesel engine variant of the B Class will be called as the B180 CDI. The diesel engine variant should really appeal to our “diesel car loving” market and increase the popularity of the car. Other than this, it would also help Mercedes India with inching closer to Audi India, the current market leader, in terms of sales performance.

Safely expect the B Class diesel to be priced very close to the petrol engine variant.

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