Meet Pitstop app; get free pick and drop for car servicing, free road-side assistance and much more!

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Imagine you’re stranded in the middle of the road with a broken car. Either you call a towing service and pay a handsome amount just to get yourself out of the sticky situation, or you just ‘Pitstop’ yourself out.

Imagine you’re at home, and need your car right away for a weekend getaway, but guess what – it needs regular check up and maintenance work but sadly it sits at it home as you can’t get a service booking slot of your choice at the authorized service center. Once again, you just ‘Pitstop’ yourself out.

Let me explain. Imagine there’s an app that takes care of all your car’s servicing needs from the comfort of your home, including free road side assistance, booking your service even p­icking up and dropping your car. That’s right – meet Pitstop. Here’s how it works:

Pitstop is a mobile app which focuses on increasing customer convenience in the car service process. Its makers claim that it is “a technology platform built to revolutionize the automobile industry in India.”  Through the app, the customer can book a service for his car at a designated dealership which he/she can locate on demand via Google Map integration.

Once the booking is confirmed, Pitstop’s designated driver will pick up the customer’s car from his/her doorstep; drive it to the dealership to commence the servicing process. Post servicing, the payment can be made online via the Pitstop app itself, and then the car will be dropped back home/office – all for free! Additionally customers can track their car service in real time directly on the Pitstop App.

What’s more, Pitstop is a multi brand platform, so you can register anything from a Maruti Suzuki to Mercedes-Benz. Also, in the future, if you end up buying that SUV you had been dreaming about, and say goodbye to your hatchback from any another brand, there is no need to change or download a new app.

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Without further ado, here are the key highlights of the app:

  • Confirmed Servicing Book on preferred date and time; which is better than booking the same over a phone, where the service center might state it’s unavailable.
  • You can even personalize your booking request in the comments section by explicitly mentioning all the issues in the car.
  • Free pick up and drop facilities available – ONLY professional drivers with abilities to drive high-end cars are employed.
  • Your Car Companion – Pitstop enables users to make their personalized car profiles.
  • Pitstop provides a Free Road Side Assistance program worth over INR 1500 which includes on side assistance, flat tire, dead battery, lost keys, empty fuel tank or incorrect fuelling, towing and flat bed truck services (check PitStop app for more details on each breakdown).
  • The Pitstop app also features a dedicated ‘AutoBuzz’ section that’ll provide you the latest news, updates and happenings from the Indian, as well as the international automotive scene – all of this courtesy us, and we, one of the country’s leading auto portals, are proud to be a part of this venture.
  • Pitstop also allows you to pay bills via the app itself, which means that you never need to visit a workshop ever again. You can make payments for car servicing, AMC, accidental damage, extended warranty or simply any kind of service that you had otherwise had to pay to any Authorized Service Centre.

The app not only benefits the customer, but even dealers benefit as their workshops get more exercise as the app’s engagement increases their service and bodyshop reporting. The app aims to increase partner dealers reporting by 10% in a year’s span, as dealers will report an increase in breakdown cars at workshops with Pitstop tie-ups.

Pitstop takes pride in associating only with Authorised Service Centres, and is present on both iOS and Android platforms. Currently present in Mumbai only, Pitstop aims to be in Pune and Bangalore by 2017. What’s more – it has crossed over 2000 downloads in a matter of just 3 weeks! So what are you waiting for? Download the app now: Play Store for Android users, and App Store for Apple users.


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