Meet the MiB: A custom built chopper motorcycle from Road Rage Custom Builds

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Customizing motorcycles on a budget has been reasonably popular in India for some time now. With increasing disposable income, and more exposure to the international builds, however, the interest is tilting towards more premium custom jobs. While the likes of Rajputana Customs and Vardenchi are familiar to many, there are hidden talents that are spread across the world. One such talent that caught our attention was Gabriel Zuzarte-owned Road Rage Customs Builds from Mumbai. The MiB though not the most refined custom job we have come across, is appreciable for its unique concept and character.

Designed for the proprietor of a security firm, the MiB custom chopper uses a 2010 Royal Enfield Classic 350 as the base motorcycle. The motorcycle has been completely overhauled for a futuristic, stealth look, to match the job description of its owner. Yasin, the owner of the MiB, asked Zuzarte to design the motorcycle that resembled his personality. The build was a challenge for Zuzarte as Yasin didn’t suggest any design ideas, letting Road Rage Custom Builds let their creativity loose.

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MiB has a futuristic, angular, slashy design which is somewhat reminiscent of modern stealth aircraft like the B2 bomber. With a solitary projector headlamp unit housed in an angular casing, matt black black paint and sharp lines the MiB wouldn’t probably look out of place in a Bollywood espionage thriller.

The chassis of the motorcycle has been extended  for a longer wheelbase, a proper, stretched out chopper look and comfortable seating for the pillion. The body panels are hand-crafted out of metal. Custom-made multiple spoke wheels are wrapped in 130mm and 200mm tyres at the front and rear respectively.

The fuel tank receives an faux air vent. Concealed fork covers and a uniquely designed front fender blend rather well with the overall theme. The rear end of the motorcycle, however, features a curvy, organic shape, which is somewhat out of sync with the rest of the design.

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There are, a few design elements which could have been executed with a bit more refinement. We believe that Zuzarte, the designer, should have stuck with an all black stealth look and could have done without those chrome draped handlebar grips. The bolts of the pillion backrest could probably have been hidden for a cleaner, well-fnished look at the rear. The stickering on the air scoops below the tanks could also probably have been of a better design.

Besides the visual upgrades, the MiB also receives some mechanical boost to go along with the aggressive styling. The motorcycle is equipped with a power air filter and a custom designed free flow exhaust system which is claimed to add marginally to the performance of the motorcycle. The shortened exhaust pipe is also a nice design detail.

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Modified RE – Road Rage Customs (4)
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