McLaren MP4-12c's price announced! GT3 Racer Spied[with Pics]


Back in the good old 90s, life was much simpler. McLaren F1 ruled the tracks, the record books and hearts too.

But things have changed now. Hearts want more, tracks want better, and the record books keep getting updated almost every second. And as time passed, the iconic British car maker almost disappeared from the market.

Although they were doing good(and are doing good too!) in Formula 1 and they even made a car for Mercedes, which unfortunately was more Merc than McLaren, some of us actually started believing that we have lost the British car maker.

But one fine morning, I almost lost my breath for few seconds when my computer screen displayed a car which actually wore the ‘McLaren’ logo. It was no Chinese rip-off and it was for real. McLaren was coming back, and not with a car only a few lucky people could drive, the few less luckier ones could drive and own one too.

After lots of testing and display, they have finally announced the price. If you live in the UK this car can be yours for £ 168,500.

Thats not all. Here’s one more news to keep you drooling!

When McLaren was busy testing their car, AutoExpress UK captured it on their camera sensors. Here are some of the pics of the GT3 version of MP4-12C being tested. According to them, this GT3 racer is being developed by CRS Racing in collaboration with McLaren.

Enjoy the picture gallery and if you ar lucky enough to meet Mr. Ron Dennis, please ask him to make one for India too. We want one badly. Don’t we?


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