Maserati will sell only 75,000 cars in a year

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Exclusivity these days is as rare as the bald man who got his hair back naturally. You could buy anything, even a planet, and there will be another man who will burst your bubble and purchase a galaxy, not the phone. Car manufacturers the world over offer choices that helps the buyer stand out from the crowd, whether it could be the color, the interiors, the wheels or color coded shades they offer to lure the potential buyer. They need to make money in order to survive and continue developing great cars. We’re sure Ferrari loves building V12’s more than soft toys, but it’s those red caps and mugs which fetch a part of funds required to build that V12.

Maserati on the other hand is about to walk a different path and will not sell more than 75,000 vehicles globally a year to retain the exclusivity of the Italian brand, an executive at Maserati said on Thursday. Maserati previously said it was on track to meet annual sales targets of 50,000 vehicles next year and 75,000 by 2018.

The carmaker also aims to boost its South Korean sales by five-fold this year, from 120 last year, said Umberto Maria Cini, Managing Director for General Overseas Markets at Maserati S.p.A.

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