Maruti YRA to get 1.0-liter turbo petrol motor, Swift could go hybrid in 2017

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Maruti is training its guns at snatching back the title for being the preferred manufacturer for car buyers obsessed with economy. The car maker has planned a strategy to introduce cars with smaller, turbocharged engines and equip them with technology that could take them to the moon and back on a tankful. Although their Ciaz sedan holds the title for being the most fuel efficient car in the country, a sports variant of the sedan is in the works, which is rumored to come equipped with start/stop feature that shuts the engine automatically when the car is at a standstill for a specific time. Followed by the Ciaz, the Ertiga could also be equipped with this gadgetry.


A diesel variant of the Celerio hatchback is about to be launched in a couple months time. Powered by an 800cc diesel engine, it is expected to return an efficiency figure, northwards of the 30 kpl mark. For the upcoming Maruti YRA hatchback, which will be positioned above the Swift, the car maker will add a turbocharger to the existing 1.0-liter K-series petrol engine that currently powers the Alto, Celerio and the WagonR. Such a move will enhance power output, yet, maintain high levels of fuel efficiency. The most interesting bit however, is their plan to develop a low cost hybrid system, which could find its way into the next-gen Swift. Although the project is still under research at Suzuki’s headquarters in Japan, held back due to the high cost of batteries. Maruti could pull a fast one on everybody else by managing to develop and employ such a system in their cars, backed by government subsidies, local production and economies of scale.

Source: Business Standard

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