Maruti Swift Driver Who Tried To Evade Toll At Vashi Traced And Booked


A few days ago, we stumbled on a video of a Maruti Suzuki Swift, driving with a roadblock (or a barricade) somewhere in Mumbai. It turned out that the fella was trying to save a few bucks by dodging the road-toll at Vashi, the entry/exit point of Mumbai. However, despite driving away from the toll-booth employees, the driver didn’t really manage to get away.

Swift Driver Tries To Run Away From Vashi Toll (1)

Check out the video below to find out:

With the number of CCTV cameras installed across the city, it was only a matter of time before the driver of the hatchback was traced and booked for his shenanigans. He was handed over to the Navi Mumbai Police department. Mumbai Police, via its official Twitter handle, wrote:

“This incident of a desperate attempt to evade toll on 21st April was brought to our notice on 28th. After a thorough investigation the miscreant has been traced, booked & handed over to @Navimumpolice . Remember, U can run, U can hide but not escape the law! Just a matter of time.”

So next time you try to get a little adventurous, remember that they’re watching!

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