Maruti Suzuki launches CNG variants of Alto, Eeco, WagonR, Estilo & SX-4

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We told you a few days back that Maruti Suzuki was all set to launch CNG variants of five vehicles from its product portfolio. Well, here we are then! The CNG variants of the Alto small car, Eeco MPV, WagonR and Estilo tallboys &  the SX-4 sedan were launched yesterday in Delhi by the hands of by Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) Environment and Forests in the presence of senior government dignitaries and Maruti Suzuki management team. Since the launch was a private one, we won’t be able to bring you any photos just yet.

The CNG variants are not the conventional retro-fitted CNG running cars that you see on the road. Instead Maruti has incorporated a new technology called ‘intelligent-Gas Port Injection’ or i-GPI. Maruti Suzuki claim that this technology ensures more power, a peppier drive experience and better fuel efficiency as compared to a retro fitted CNG system. The i-GPI supposedly brings the running cost of the vehicle to Rs. 1 per kilometer! Hmmm.

The five aforementioned cars will be available for sale on in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Gujrat for now, but will be spread throughout the country in the coming months. The prices (in lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi) for the five vehicles are as follows:

Alto LxiEeco 5-seater AcSX4 VxiWagonR LxiEstilo Lxi
3.23 3.647.474.114.05

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Press Release

Maruti Suzuki introduces next generation CNG technology

Launches five factory-fitted CNG models across segments

Advantage Customer
  • Contemporary i-GPI technology
  • Performance and Driveability at par with gasoline powered engine
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Lower running costs by 60 percent
  • Peace of Mind: Full warranty coverage, Service support across the country
  • Vehicle body design for CNG system
  • Safety reinforced: High Quality Components, Integrated wiring harness, CNG system leak-proofing, toughened suspension
  • Dual ECU system for enhanced performance
  • Extensive performance testing
  • No compromise on engine life

NEW DELHI, August 13, 2010: The country’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki today unveiled its flagship CNG engine technology, ‘intelligent-Gas Port Injection’ or i-GPI on five popular models. The CNG vehicles were unveiled by Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) Environment and Forests in the presence of senior government dignitaries and Maruti Suzuki management team. The models include SX4, Eeco, WagonR, Estilo and Alto and are being launched in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Gujrat. With this initiative, the CNG footprint of the company spreads across entry level cars, compact cars, sedans and MPV segments.

On the occasion, Maruti Suzuki India Chairman RC Bhargava said, “We are happy to bring contemporary CNG technology to the Indian customer. We are confident customers would value our i-GPI technology that is safe, reliable, clean, responsive and environment friendly. Adapting the CNG technology in our vehicles is another step to keep low cost of ownership for our customers.”

Shinzo Nakanishi Managing Director & CEO Maruti Suzuki India said, “The development is significant on multiple counts. This is the first instance when a car manufacturer has developed and launched factory-fitted technologically superior CNG engines in India. Compressed Natural Gas is environment friendly and also reduce country’s dependence on imported fuels. Maruti Suzuki’s big ticket entry into CNG fuel segment augurs well for the environment.”

Peppy and responsive `intelligent-GPI technology’

The i-GPI or Intelligent Gas Port Injection bi-fuel technology offers an intelligent ride. Intelligent as it ensures more power vis-à-vis retro-fitted CNG vehicles and offers a peppier ride experience at par with that of a petrol-fuelled engine, while achieving high fuel efficiency at the same time. The factory fitted CNG vehicles score very high on safety and reliability vis-à-vis the aftermarket retro-fitted options. Maruti Suzuki CNG vehicles pass through all the quality checks, processes and systems similar to a regular car manufactured at Maruti Suzuki plants.

Service support across the country

As the CNG technology is factory fitted the customers will enjoy the full warranty benefits including extended warranty. To top it all, the CNG vehicles from Maruti Suzuki will enjoy the nationwide back up of over 2700 Maruti Service Stations. The simultaneous launch of five CNG vehicles with the same contemporary technology demonstrates the company’s intent and future readiness to produce environmentally friendly vehicles in large numbers.

Steps in Environment care

Maruti Suzuki has the distinction of introducing a host of environment friendly programmes ahead of government regulations and the industry. This includes implementing End of Life Vehicle (ELV) programme – where harmful elements like Lead, Cadmium, Chromium and Mercury are not used in making vehicles. Maruti Suzuki produced the first BS-IV and E-10 compliant engines much ahead of regulations coming to force in the country. Developing a factory-fitted CNG engine is another effort by the Company to contribute to a clean environment.

Technology up

The factory fitted CNG vehicles use advanced Intelligent Gas Port Injection technology. Maruti Suzuki R&D team has integrated this technology with the Company’s range of engines and products to bring the benefits to the consumers. In  a  leap  over  alternative  aftermarket options, the i-GPI technology is a Dual ECU (Engine Control Unit) technology. This highly reliable system delivers accurate amounts of gas to the engine thus ensuring improved and consistent performance under various driving conditions.

The i-GPI technology uses separate injectors for each cylinder. Based on inputs from the ECU, metered CNG quantity is injected to the engine through gas ports. The quantity of CNG required for different driving conditions is controlled by the dedicated ECU, leading to more efficient fuel usage. Similar to the usual pre-launch evaluation, each of the cars with i-GPI CNG technology has been extensively tested for around 2 lakh kilometers in varied terrains. In addition, over 3,000 hours of bench tests have validated the design and performance to bring unmatchable combination of performance and reliability for the customers.

While working on the new CNG technology, Maruti Suzuki engineers focused on critical aspects of safety, reliability and performance.

CNG for the future

Government of India has committed to developing the infrastructure and network of the CNG stations across the country. This is in line with government’s aim to reduce the dependence on import of fossil fuels. With the discovery of large gas reserves in the country the network of CNG supplies is set to expand rapidly in near future. Maruti Suzuki’s launch of CNG technology vehicles will help create the eco system for use of a clean and cost effective fuel in India.

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