Make Them Start Early With This Kiddie Mahindra Thar Ride-On

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In case you’re a Thar guy and you want your kids to follow your footsteps, get them this kiddie Mahindra Thar. Called the Thar Ride-on, it is built for kids aged between 3 and 7 years. Power comes from a 6-volt rechargeable battery driving the rear wheels (sorry no 4×4 here), enough for your tiny tot to zip around the house in glee while you go mud slinging in the real thing.


The Thar Ride-On is available in either Red or Napoli Black exterior colours. Features include working front and rear lights, plastic wheels with chrome wheel caps, rubber strips on the rear wheels for better grip, working doors, a plastic replica steering wheel, accelerator/brake foot pedals, a lever for forward/reverse, start/stop push button, a working radio with USB input and speakers, along with a faux, blue back-lit instrument cluster.


As for safety, the kiddie Thar gets a plastic seat with a safety belt and a remote control to let an adult take control when your kid is being a bit of a hoon. Maximum speed is rated at 3.5-4 kph, while the Thar Ride-On has a run time of around 1-1.5 hours on a full dollop of charge. Once depleted the two-pin wall charger offered with Thar junior can recharge the battery in 10-12 hours. The Thar Ride-On is priced at INR 17,999, but is available exclusively for existing Thar owners.

Interested Thar owners can book the Ride-On online or by visiting the nearest Mahindra dealership.

Images: Murali Pragat Gangadharan

Thar Ride-On
Thar Ride-On Safety Features
Mahindra Thar Ride-On Features
Mahindra Thar Ride-On
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