Mahindra’s In-House Developed Ventilator Nears Completion

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Lately, it has dawned on all of us that the fight against the coronavirus outbreak cannot be fought single-handedly. The reason why we are certain individuals and organizations are pitching in with their resources. While the majority of us are playing our roles by staying inside our homes and practising social distancing, some of the organizations are going out of their way to strengthen our end of the battle even further. One such organization is Mahindra & Mahindra.

We recently reported that the folks at Mahindra are working on a ventilator prototype and have joined hands with the Indian government regarding the same. Dr Pawan K Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra on Monday took to Twitter which shows a working model of the ventilator. The post read “Mahindra’s in-house effort for an affordable respiratory device is near fruition. Video shows a working model. Packaging yet to be done. Testing started. Looking for ideas on what to call it?”

Once they are done with the testing phase and everything seems fine, they will go ahead with the production. It is claimed that once the final product is ready, it is going to cost around INR 7,000 which is considerably less than the ventilators which are being used currently. It is going to prove very beneficial for our battle against this pandemic outbreak. Coronavirus is known for targeting the respiratory system of the patient and makes the breathing part very difficult. Now that the number of positive Covid-19 patients in our country is on the rise, this development is going to prove very fruitful.

Mahindra ventilator

The ventilators will be made available throughout the medical centres across India which lack the required inventory to fight the on-going health crisis. Mahindra is not working alone in this initiative as they have asked for assistance from an existing ventilator manufacturer and two major public sector firms. They are also going to provide ‘Face Shields’ for the people who are at the forefront of this battle. They have asked for design source from Ford Motor regarding the same.

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