Mahindra Develops Prototype Of A Ventilator Within 48 Hours!

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Tough times don’t last. A tough, resilient, considerate and disciplined World will. As all of us fight back against a virus which we cannot even see, nations, those who build them and contribute towards the growth, have come forward to assist in these difficult times. Adding current to the charge in the fight against the virus in India, Mahindra has developed a prototype of a ventilator in a record time of just 48 hours!

Mahindra ventilator

A multi-billion dollar group with interests in diverse fields, Mahindra’s hard-working team at its Mumbai and Igatpuri plants in Maharashtra, confined themselves to the factories and readied the first prototype of the ventilator in a seriously short span of time, without getting any sleep! The team is now seeking guidance from specialists to improvise and is also building more prototypes, where a final product is expected to be ready within the next 2-3 days! Here’s what Mr Anand Mahindra tweeted after his hard-working team got the job done successfully, at a time when the World is in need:

What’s to be noted here is that until now, a ventilator would cost lakhs. However, the teams at Mahindra are making ones which will be lighter, occupy less space and cost a few thousand. Prior to this, Dr Pawan Goenka, Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra had sent out a tweet which said, “At one end, we along with two large PSUs are working with an existing manufacturer of high spec ventilators to help them to simplify design and scale-up capacity. Our engineering team is right now with them working on it.”

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