Mahindra Thar Vs Drug Peddlers: High-speed Chase Caught On Camera

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We’ve seen protagonists chase down criminals and hand the culprits to the cops in reel life. But the folks in West Bengal got to see something (almost) similar in real life.

A recent video uploaded by Mahindra Thar owner from West Bengal, Sumantra Aich gives a first hand footage of a real life car chase. As seen in the video, Aich is trying to chase and stop a Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire allegedly driven by drug peddlers. However, the high-speed chase didn’t end with the arrest of the alleged drug peddlers, as they managed to drive away with a few dents and scratches to their sedan. Here’s the video footage:

The incident took place in Burdwan, West Bengal. As seen in the beginning of the video, the driver of the Suzuki Swift DZire almost ran over a couple of cops while trying to flee the situation. While no one was injured in the high-speed chase, things could’ve gone really bad, had the two cars involved in the chase run into other vehicles on the road, or worse, pedestrians.

Mahindra Thar Vs Drug Peddlers (2)

What should you do if you were caught in such a situation?

  • The first course of action should be to note the registration number and contact the police helpline.
  • Follow the vehicle from a fair distance to inform the cops about the location.
  • DO NOT try to stop the vehicle by ramming into it. This may result in a crash and serious injuries.

Source: Sumantra Aich via CarToq

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