Mahindra Reva NXR caught testing again

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A few weeks back, we brought to you the video of the Reva NXR caught for the first time in India by Joy Sharma, our man in Chennai. Now one of Motoroids Talks members Nox2505 has managed to click a picture of the new EV in red.

As we had witnessed earlier as well, the speed of this car is not what you generally related with EVs. Last time, Joy & Co. had trouble keeping up with the vehicle even while riding a Yamaha R15. There was no sound emanating from the car except for the hardly audible whizz that all electric vehicles make as they move.

The REVA NXR will be a two door car, but with enough space to seat four adults. The NXR will be much better in terms of acceleration, speed and range when compared to its predecessor, known as just the Reva or the G-Wiz in the UK. The NXR reaches a top speed of 104 kmph while providing a range of 160 km.

Other cool features of the NXR include a capability to text you the time-to-full-change, pre-heat or pre-cool the car, mail you a report on your driving habits or even unlocking the door as you approach.The Reva also comes with something called REVive technology, which conserves a certain amount of charge only for emergencies and can be activated remotely if the primary charge has completely depleted.

For India, the company may replace the standard Li-ion batteries with lead-acid units to bring down costs. This would reduce the NXR’s range to 80km, and top speed to 80km/h.

The REVA NXR will be manufactured at the company’s new green manufacturing plant in Bangalore. The car is meant primarily for the European market, where the NXR Intercity (Li-ion) will cost about 15,000 Euros or a little more than Rs. 10lakh. The Reva NXR City on the other hand, with lead acid batteries would be priced at about 10,000 Euros  or around Rs. 7 lakh.

You can find the spy video of the Reva NXR here

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