Mahindra Launches MOJO Book titled ‘MOJO – Born For The Road’

Mahindra Launches MOJO Book titled 'MOJO - Born For The Road'. Here are more details about the new book.


Mahindra Two Wheelers announced the launch of a book for its flagship, 300cc tourer, Mahindra MOJO. This book encapsulates the bike’s journey from its inception to launch and thereafter creating a niche as India’s most credible tourer.

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The book revolves around the theme, ‘Born For The Road’, which unravels the MOJO’s story. It shares the stories behind the success of MOJO, the adventures of its trails and memoirs of the passionate tribesman. The book is a celebration of the passion of the MOJO owners also known as ‘MOJO Tribesmen’, who are living the brand promise of ‘Joy of Riding’ and the ‘MOJO Brotherhood’. It further encompasses the experience of these tribesmen, who have been proudly riding the bike.

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Speaking about the launch of the new book, Vinod Sahay, CEO, Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd said that MOJO is the flagship brand of Mahindra Two Wheelers and also the Company’s first introduction in the premium segment. The response to the MOJO has been overwhelming and has been winning multiple awards along the way. He further added that it has successful established itself as a credible premium tourer among consumers. The Company decided to launch a book on MOJO which captures the essence of the brand and the journey from launch till date.

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