Mahindra Halo launch in UK to take place in 2016

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We reported in detail when the new Mahindra Halo electric sports car was showcases at the recently conducted Auto Expo 2014. Now, thanks to a report in Businessworld magazine, we have got to know that Mahindra Halo launch could happen in around two years of time. Also, Mahindra Halo launch could first take place in UK, rather than in India.

While the manufacturer has already started conducting feasibility studies for the car in Indian market, it believes that the volumes for the Halo would come from exports. Thus, the manufacturer has planned to launch the new electric sports car in UK in 2016. Also, it would launch the e2o in Europe before the year end to tap the sales coming from entry level electric sports car market there. 


The Halo is a two door, two seater model and becomes the second Indian sportscar after the DC Avanti. While the DC Avanti is powered by a 2.0 liter Ecoboost engine, the Halo boasts of an electric motor.

The design and styling of the new Mahindra Halo comes from REVA’s in-house design team, which comprises of designers from Pininfarina and Bertone. Mahindra REVA designers have deliberately gone for a more rounded and conventional shape to establish an image of practicality. “We want to convey that the Halo is not just a sports car but an everyday car that’s easy to own and drive” , a source in Mahindra REVA told us.

The Halo’s electric motor develops around 105 KW (140 bhp) and it is being said that the production spec model’s powerplant will be “similar to the one in the Tesla”. It is being expected that the Halo will be capable of dismissing 100kmph from standstill in less than seven seconds.


When it goes on sale in 2015-16, the Mahindra Halo will be priced between INR 30-35 lakhs. Stay tuned to Motoroids fro more updates on the Mahindra Halo concept from the Auto Expo 2014.

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