Mahindra Electric Mobility Unveils New Brand Identity

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A brand which owns Pininfarina (Makers of one of the World’s fastest electric Hypercar – the Battista), is ready to unveil a new range of electric vehicles at the upcoming Auto Expo 2020. These new vehicles will be unveiled under Mahindra Electric Mobility, which has unveiled a new corporate brand identity with a new logo and tagline – ‘Spark the New’. The new brand identity is meant to give the brand a renewed thrust to achieve its global ambition of being a leading player in electric mobility technology solutions.

Mahindra Electric Spark the new Logo

In the new logo, the word ‘electric’ has been derived from the characters of the word Mahindra, thereby ensuring uniformity and recognition. The characters of the word ‘electric’ have been made lowercase to make the brand more approachable. The red colour in the logo helps the brand to ensure that its identity is deeply connected with the parent Mahindra brand and the blue ensures its connection with electric mobility is further strengthened.

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The new tagline, ‘Spark the New’ aims to boost the cry for action and works with both internal and external stakeholders. According to the brand, it has an active voice and vibrant energy that ensures the carmaker’s actions are always guided by innovation in order to drive new thinking, new ideas and new solutions in the electric mobility technology space.

ME logo

The identity also simplifies the portfolio so that the vehicles and hardware solutions are offered under ME branding and the software solutions are offered under NEMO branding. The new identity further enhances the brand for a digital world by ensuring the logo works seamlessly on digital assets as well as on the EV components and vehicles. This move will help the brand approach the Indian and global markets with a clarity of purpose and a sharply defined identity.

NEMO logo

The launch of the new brand coincides with the completion of over 200 million electric kilometres by Mahindra EVs on Indian road. The 200 million-plus eKilometers covered by Mahindra’s electric vehicles has helped save over 22,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions in India. This translates into the need to plant over 10 lakh trees to absorb the equivalent levels of emissions. The company also unveiled its new vision of being a leading brand in enabling customized electric mobility solutions through cutting-edge technology. The new identity intends to position the organization as the preferred e-mobility partner for OEMs across the globe.

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