Mahindra becomes member of global alliance of vehicle manufacturers, Open Automotive Alliance

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New Age Mahindra XUV500 high (2)

Mahindra vehicles would soon come equipped with Google’s latest softwares as the Indian SUV maker has become a member of the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), a global alliance of vehicle manufacturers, with leading edge technology, committed to bringing the Android platform to cars. The announcement was made at Google I/O, Google’s developer conference in San Francisco. Under the aegis of this association with Google and the OAA, Mahindra is getting ready to provide its customers with the next level of connectivity through Android Auto.

Mahindra currently offers the BLUE SENSE APP which enables customers to connect with the vehicle using Bluetooth technology. Going forward, on integration of Android Auto, the owners of Mahindra vehicles will have in-car access to Google Maps and other specially adapted Google Services and third party apps via an infotainment screen through simplified interactions, thereby being connected always for a pleasurable driving experience.

Mahindra Becomes Member of Open Automotive Alliance

Android Auto extends the Android platform into the car in a way that is purpose-built for driving. It offers next generation solution in connectivity by linking smart phones and tablets with an in-vehicle infotainment system. In fact it is designed for safer and easier access to information that the driver may require while driving.

For example, eyes-free technology like voice and spoken directions combined with integrated controls (like steering wheel buttons) to reduce driver intervention. With simple, intuitive interfaces and voice actions, Android Auto is expected to enhance the driving experience by being connected always, while also improving comfort and safety.

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