Mahindra and Renault split, Logan to be continued in India!

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It was very much evident that Mahindra and Renault weren’t that much happy with their joint venture. The product of their joint venture christened Mahindra Renault Logan did not manage to return high sales figures after which both the firms entered into blame game. However, there were speculations that the firms had left their differences aside and had planned to launch a small car version of the Logan. But, as a final step, the firms have decided to go their own ways. Mahindra & Mahindra has bought 49% stakes owned by Renault in the partnership and it will be owned as a subsidiary of M&M. The firm will however, not discontinue the production of Logan in India and a few overseas markets.

The earlier speculations about the car becoming a small car have however now proved to be true. The car will be a shortened version of the Logan in order to avail excise duty benefits which are available for cars which are up to or less than 4m in length. There is no confirmed news regarding the continual of the original Logan model though. According to various sources, M&M will also launch a MUV based on the shortened version of the Logan.

A part of the sum paid in order to buy a Logan will be delivered to Renault in form of loyalty till the end of this year. The car will sell with the Renault badge too. However, this will not continue from next year after which the car will be available with the M&M badge. There are speculations which indicate that once the car will be sold under the M&M badge, the car may also be renamed.

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