Update – More Pics From Kawasaki Motors Pvt Ltd Launch Function!

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Update – More pics from the launch venue are added. To view them, click here.

Motoroids Team is right now at the press conference of Kawasaki Motors Pvt Ltd held in Pune. The agenda for the gathering is the commencement of operations of “India Kawasaki Motors Pvt Ltd. (IKM)” and also to mark the 1,000 sales of Kawsaki Ninja 250R in India.

Here is the pic of Mr. Tanigawa, MD IKM and Mr. Ravi Kumar, inaugurating India Kawasaki Motor Pvt Ltd. (IKM)


This is Mr. Tanigawa, MD IKM addressing the gathering. He says,  “The launch of the Kawsaki Ninja 250R has been a great success and the sales of the bike has exceeded our expectations. The product appeal coupled with great after sales service support from Bajaj Probiking has propels the sales of Kawasaki Ninja 250R. We will continue our efforts in further strengthening the Ninja Brand in India.”


– Also, Kawasaki Motors celebrates 26th anniversary this year and the Indian division celebrates one year in October, 2010; within which 1000 units of the baby kwacker were sold all across the country.

– To mark the happy moment, owners of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R had a rally throughout the city of Pune. Here’s the pic of Mr. Eric, thanking the Ninja 250R owners for riding down to the event venue.


– Mr. Tanigawa, MD IKM, claims that the 250R is the worlds largest selling 250cc bike.

– The 32 Bajaj Probiking showrooms, which are now standing across 30 cities in India, will also be increased.

IKM, mentions that the Honda CBR250R will not be a threat to Ninja 250R! Detailed autopsy of this statement coming soon!

– Now there is a workshop on Kawasaki Ninja, where we get to interact with the test riders of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. These test riders will be covering three topics: 1. Know your Ninja. 2. Do- it- Yourself. 3. Maintainence tips and troubleshooting.

– Here are some pics from the workshop…



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