Listen To The Kawasaki ZX-25R Sing Through Its Yoshimura Pipe

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The Kawasaki ZX-25R is like that girl we remain obsessed with but we actually don’t stand any chance of going out on a date with her. So what do we do? We just admire her from a distance as she keeps on living her life. Recently, Kawasaki Indonesia teased us with a video of the ZX-25R being installed with a Yoshimura exhaust and now they have released a video that actually showcases how the quarter-liter rocket sounds with the Yoshimura exhaust. And it sounds exactly like how we expected, eargasmic!

Kawasaki Indonesia is on a spree of transforming the already focused ZX-25R into a serious, track-spec tool. In the latest turn of events, it receives an aftermarket exhaust system from Yoshimura. If you are into motorcycles, you must be familiar with the name Yoshimura as they are widely renowned for producing one of the best aftermarket exhaust systems on the planet. The videos starts off with the ZX-25R getting fired up and as soon as it does, our eardrums agree in unison that we are in for a treat!

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Kawasaki Zx25R Yoshimura exhaust

It settles in a bassy idle, giving away the fact that there’s a fire-breathing four-cylinder engine under that compact packaging. The fella from Kawasaki Indonesia then revs her up a little and with each and every rev, our desire to hear one screaming in person grows stronger than ever!

It even spits out flames when the throttle drops as the exhaust lets out surreal pops and crackles. We just can’t imagine how it would sound like while being ripped on a racetrack. It would produce some ungodly sounds while being at full chatter. This ZX-25R from Kawasaki Indonesia recently shed its standard bodywork and dressed up in expensive, carbon fibre panels. The expansive transformation included the rear cowl, the front fender, the entire fairing assembly, fuel tank, belly pan and the chain guard. And in this video, it bids the NASSERT-R Evolution Type II exhaust a goodbye and gets installed with Yoshimura Hepta Force exhaust.

The complete specifications of the ZX-25R aren’t out yet but we can safely assume that it will definitely cross the 50 hp mark and with the Racer Custom we can expect that the number will go higher up. We can only dream about it as of now because the chances of it coming to India are very slim.

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