Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Paramount to Make Film on Volkswagen Dieselgate

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Not many people know that Leonardo DiCaprio owns only a Toyota Prius and is actively involved in sorting issues for a cleaner environment. Now, according to a report, the Titanic star has teamed up with Paramount Inc to make a film on the recent Volkswagen dieselgate.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company is joining hands with Paramount Pictures to make a movie about the Volkswagen AG diesel-emissions cheating scandal, according to the studio.

Paramount, part of Viacom Inc., acquired the movie rights to a proposed book on the scandal by Jack Ewing with DiCaprio’s company, the studio said. The trade publication Variety reported on the actor’s involvement earlier Monday. It is not clear yet whether Leonardo will be directing or acting in the movie.

Recently, Hollywood has been cashing on the trend of making movies on million dollar business scandals. Leonardo also starred in one recently- The Wolf of Wall Street.


For those who have been sitting in some sort of a cave for a month, the Volkswagen dieselgate is the scandal where the Auto Group fitted its cars with a software which detected when the car was being tested for emissions and produced significantly lower emissions. The scandal was uncovered in the USA and has spread globally as per VW. Millions of cars have been sold with the cheat and Volkswagen will be soon shelling out fines running into billions of dollars.

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