Learn To Control Motorcycle Skid To Become A Safe Rider


Riding a two-wheeler, across the wide, open lanes is as tranquil and it’s exciting. Confused? As much as this statement sounds contradictory, speed, if exhibited within the measures of control, can be peaceful, whilst riding a bike. But then, when do we actually adhere to the speed limits with an endless road lying in front, unexplored? 

Regardless of the inclination to drive fast, it is important for you to display restraint. Plus, it is also necessary to learn better motorcycle control to avoid skidding— one of the primary reasons that lead to numerous bike accidents.

Why is Skidding such a Big Issue?

Unabated spells of rash driving can lead to accidents. However, bike-specific mishaps aren’t always about collisions. In most cases, riders end up losing control due to slippery roads, caused by snowfall, incessant rainfall, or even dew. Therefore, if the road conditions aren’t conducive to riding, showing restraint and driving at slower speeds is advisable.

Also, experienced riders would know that sudden braking often ends up locking the wheels, causing the bike to skid. Plus, excessively abrupt acceleration, sharp cornering, and even a sudden direction change can cause the bike to slip, catastrophically.

MotorCycle Skidding – 2

How to Combat Skidding?

Now that you know how skidding affects your state of well-being, the next step is to understand how you can take utmost care to avoid the same. Here, we help you with a few ways using which you can combat skidding and avoid them for good:

  • Manage Weight Better

If you feel that the bike is about to slip, you must ensure to put additional weight on the back wheel. This balances out the resultant torque and minimizes the underlying risks. 

  • Avoid Clutching

A quick and effective hack to combat skidding is to rely on engine braking. This means if you are forced to hard brake, do not press the clutch and instead, downshift the existing gear. This will restrict the bike speeds in relation to the brakes. While you will surely feel a spearing jerk, the threats of an accident are significantly reduced.

  • Focus

While this seems like an obvious strategy, focusing is easier said than done. The idea, however, is to keep an eye on the road ahead and not on other vehicles around you. Also, if you are a new and unseasoned rider, consider going slow and avoid making sharp turns.

  • Avoid Panicking

In case you feel that a skid is imminent and unavoidable, it is better to maintain your calm and try to minimize the damage by landing on a smoother surface. Although this strategy is often near impossible to execute in real-time, seasoned bike riders can still manage to lower the impact of the skids.

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Final Words

No bike rider wants to skid. However, in certain cases accidents are fated and impossible to escape. This is why it is appropriate for any new and experienced rider to keep the right protection in place, like bike insurance! Accidents might be destined but you need not put off the insurance by procrastinating. Act immediately and purchase a policy that fits.

Apart from getting insurance it is important that you take care of other aspects when you hit the road to ensure that you are following all the traffic rules. This includes following basic driving ethics, carrying documents like bike insurance, vehicle registration certification, driving license, etc. This way you can avoid paying unnecessary challans. And in case you are issued on, make sure you check your echallan status on time, and make your payment before further actions. So, next time you are off for a ride, follow the methods suggested and avoid skidding your bike while you also take care of the traffic rules. 


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