Lamborghini Murcielago Crashed in Delhi; Driver Flees The Scene

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This isn’t the first time a supercar has been crashed on India Gate road in New Delhi. This week, a Lamborghini Murcielago SV, one of its kind in the country, rammed into the divider and has suffered huge damage. According to reports, the car did not have any registration number plate. Delhi police are now trying to identify its owner through registration number they found from the papers inside the car.




The incident came to light in the middle of the night when Constable Tej Pal saw the Italian supercar at the divider. “At around 1:15 am, he saw a yellow colour high-end car at the divider of Copernicus Marg near the Hexagon C-circle. When he went near to check, he noticed that the car was badly damaged and its driver had abandoned it. It seems that the driver left on foot after crashing it,” said a police official.

The car was then taken to Tilak Marg police station on a flatbed as you can see in the images. The rear left portion has tajen the brunt of the crash. A case under Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicles Act has been registered with Tilak Marg police station.




“Somebody must have taken the sports car for a late-night spin as the roads are usually deserted and stepped on the gas not knowing its extreme acceleration capabilities,” said another police official.

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Images via : Indian Express and NDTV

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  • Rangeeth says:

    India a rich country where Lamborgini can be crashed with out even worrying.
    When the supreme court could ban sun films citing ancient MV rules why did they not follow the same od not allowing cars above certain CC.

  • kala kutta says:

    knotty kids will remain knotty