Lamborghini Aventador revealed, and our two bits on its design

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After scores of spy pictures, Lambo sponsored test mule videos and months of speculations, the pictures of the Murcielago replacement, the Aventador are out in the open. Like it has happened many times earlier, the pictures got leaked as a result of the high lead time required before magazines go into print. There are always some invisible fissures in a publication, allowing such yummy pieces to pass through. And that’s why we love to be on the web so much.
So now that the pictures are out in the open, what do we think of the new Lambo Flagship? Well, it’s every bit a Lambo, with those angular lines spread all across the bodiwork of the car. Exceptionally huge front and side air intakes are signature Lambo bits too. The headlamps seem to be featuring a cluster of LEDs – welcome! The alloys are as evocative as ever, and the rear end is a tad sportier for me than the earlier Bulls.

However, even after having pulled a laudable job of creating an amazingly well proportioned and modern looking replacement for the Mulrcielago, the designers have failed somewhere. Why? Well, we have seen much more ‘whoa!’ inducing designs from Lamborghini than this. The Reventon, which was introduced two years ago, still remains my all time favourite car design. The Sesto Elemento Concept was quite striking too. And even if we forget all that, we are talking about a flagship model replacement design here, from a carmaker which gave us a spaceship in the form of the Countach at a time when the rest of the carmakers were rowing boats. I mean, we could have done with something more radical, something louder than a sonic boom and more revolutionary than the recent outburst in the Muslim world. I mean, I would have wanted to springboard out of my chair, get tangled into the fan and have my head dangling down and still have my jaw pop and crash into the roof on seeing the first undisguised pictures of the car. That’s really what I expect of Lamborghini. And that’s what I really think any true Lambo fan expects of the Marquee.

Will all due respect Lambo, you have a disappointed fan here, with the design of your new ‘lago. Your Aventador looks good, but it isn’t quite the revolutionary design that has made you what you are.

And just in case all my fellow Lambo fans happen to disagree with my discontented jabber here, please make a point to support the brand you love by using the comments box below.

Image Courtesy: Jalopnik

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