KTM releases blurry image of a scenery blurring X-BOW GTR

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At present times, when cars are increasingly pushing the safety envelope every passing day, lone warriors like the KTM X-BOW, along with the Ariel Atom are rare machines which have been instrumental in resurrecting hairy-chested, wind in the hair motoring. However, after blow drying manes and tearing away jaw muscles at many racetracks around the world, it seems someone at KTM was listening to B.J Thomas’s melody from Butch Cassidy while driving along, and decided to to something about it. To make it go as fast as an arrow in the FIA GT4 class, they’ve now added a roof to the X-BOW, and it will now be called the X-BOW GTR.


Apparently, KTM has revealed a blurry image of the car, which will aspire to blur competitors like Aston Martin, Porsche and the Chevy Corvette in its rear view mirror, racing in the FIA GT4 series. A result of a joint project with Reiter Engineering GmbH & Co KG, the X-BOW GTR has completely transformed from being a wild looking, fast animal, to a lithe, purposeful coupe that still shares the monocoque and basic components with its naked cousin. Although there is no word about the ‘Bow’ that will shoot this arrow around the track, we expect an uprated version of the 300 hp Audi 2.0-liter TFSI engine that propels the current crop of KTM cars to power the X-BOW GTR. This KTM with a roof will make its first appearance on the track this month, and will be ready for delivery to GT4 category racing teams by Spring this year. The X-BOW GTR will be sold to teams for anything between €139,000—$157,000.

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