KTM E-SPEED electric scooter not happening

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KTM E-SPEED electric scooter (2)

The KTM stand at last year’s Tokyo Motorcycle Show was abuzz with the Austrian manufacturer’s E-SPEED electric scooter prototype. Yeah, the makers of the bad-ass RC390 and the SuperDuke also love the silent, whizzing stuff. But now, as things stand, future production plans have been scrapped- as recently confirmed sources from KTM have led to believe.

KTM E-SPEED electric scooter (3)

The prototype gathered juice from lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 4.36kWh, and produced 11 kW and 26ft.lb of torque from its ‘permanent-magnet synchronous’ liquid-cooled motor, endowing it with a very un-KTM like top speed of 50mph. The E-SPEED’s batteries can be fully charged in just a couple of hours and gives it about 60 Km of range.

KTM E-SPEED electric scooter (1)

Roots are hard to forget, so the prototype used a steel trellis frame, ABS, single-sided front and rear wheel linkages and  WP suspension elements to give it some KTM-worthy dynamics when whizzing around town.


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