KTM Duke 390 Insanely Scramblerized by Holographic Hammer

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 Holographic Hammer, a Paris based design firm has transformed the last identifiable atom of the KTM 390 Duke as we know it into awesomeness beyond compare. The pictures here would likely make you think of the Ducati Scramblers at first, but they actually are a theoretically doable mod-job on the rather ubiquitous naked Duke. Over and above the core modification, the designers have presented their idea in two different liveries / concepts.

The first variant, a dirt bike, is done in a bright orange and yellow with KTM emblazoned on the sides of the tank in blazing blue. The exhaust finds its way around the trellis frame to be positioned high-up and horizontally. It’s a little too high for practicality, though, and in the flesh, that heat shield will have to be mighty effective or the rider’s right loin would be left to roasted meat. Like the exhaust, the handlebar, too, goes high up for an upright riding position. The position of the rear-sets remains unchanged though.


The entire tail section has been transformed in favour of a retro-styled minimalistic fender. The step seat and grab rails are also shown the door for a classic, ribbed seat with a strap in the middle to hold on to, for whoever feels adventurous enough to ride pillion. Front fender has been pushed up for an off-road attitude and the headlamp has been replaced with a round unit with tinted yellow glass. Stock instrumentation gets replaced with a twin pod unit, with an analogue speedo and tacho. In true off-road fashion, the bike rides on spoke wheels shod with knobblies. There is also a perforated steel casing to protect the engine from the stones and muck hurled at it by those groovy tyres.

The second variant is a study in black, with the mildest hints of silver in places. The exhaust stays where it is on the stock bike, though the ribbed seats look even classier on this one. Headlamp, unlike the other version is integrated with the triple trees. This one’s a street bike by design, so the stock wheels and tyres are kept unaltered.

According to the creators, the concepts take their inspiration from the 70s. The effort is to imagine how a Duke 390 would look side by side with Bultaco, Montesa, etc.

The model on top aims for the dirt, while the one at the bottom stays classy. What would you pick?

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