Ford’s funny Speed Dating Prank takes clueless guys for a ride

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Ford Speed Dating Prank

Happy Valentine’s day guys and girls. Ford wishes the same with a commercial that tickles the funny bone with a Speed Dating Prank.  The elaborate prank involves a bunch of unwary guys on blind dates with a pretty blonde who also happens to be a professional stunt driver.

Ford Speed Dating Prank 2

The dates start well, with the couples chatting at a café and leaving moments later in the girl’s new spy camera-rigged Ford Mustang. Apart from lending a ear to the guys’ rants, she also pretends to be an inexperienced driver, especially with the stick shift. One of the guys even said that he will show her how the car works, thinking that she can’t drive efficiently. However, she drives into a vacant parking lot soon after, burns some rubber and takes her dates for the ride of their lives.

Ford Speed Dating Prank 3

As for the blonde, her name is Prestin Persson, and she is indeed a professional stunt driver, and immensely date-able. The guys’ reactions to the sudden change of driving style are priceless, so check them out in the video posted below:

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