Komaki Introduces Its Electric EVs Starting INR 96,000

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Of late, it’s rarely a day or two without us coming across a new electric vehicle startup or a launch of a new EV, especially in the 2-wheeler segment. The 2-wheeler EV segment witnesses a new player throwing in their hat more often than not. And, one of the most recent ones to do is a relatively new startup called Komaki. Interestingly though, Komaki is the name of a city in Japan. Komaki has kicked off its India journey by launching 3 products – Komaki TN95, the SE and the M5.


The TN95 and SE are electric scooters while the M5 is an electric bike. The SE retails for INR 96,000, the TN95 for INR 98,000 and the M5 demands INR 99,000 ( all prices, ex-showroom ).

Komaki TN95

Komaki T95

The TN95, according to Komaki has been designed to curtail to the needs of the Indian families. It gets a large storage box at the rear to make it look a bit like a tourer on a diet. It features a metallic guard around the body. It can run 100-150 km on a single charge and houses a detachable Li-ion battery. It expectedly has a full-colour digital display, park and reverse assist, on-board cruise control, a self-diagnosis switch and regenerative braking.

Komaki SE

The most affordable of the 3 EVs, the SE is, according to Komaki, designed for young buyers and is sold in 4 paint jobs – Solid blue, Metallic Gold, Jet Black and Garnet Red to appeal to the posse of young minds. It runs for around 100-120 km on a single charge and features disc brakes on both wheels. It should also get full-colour instrument display, reverse assist and a self-diagnosis switch.

Komaki SE

Komaki M5

Finally, coming to the electric motorcycle, the M5. It features a bright red trellis frame and 2 striking colour options in Gold and Silver. It would be Komaki’s first high-speed motorcycle. It can expectedly run for 100-120 km on a single charge and also houses a detachable Li-ion battery. Hmm, a fast machine called M5, rings a bell?

Komaki M5

The Komaki startup is yet to unveil full specifications and further info into the project. But, we expect the details to be out very soon.

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