Koenigsegg Agera RS, One Of Just 25 Examples, Suffers Massive Damage After Crash

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A USD 2.2 million Koenigsegg Agera RS, one of just 25 examples ever created, has suffered massive damages after a high-speed crash. The hypercar reportedly spun, went out of control and crashed on the rocks on the side of a railway line. The incident took place on Monday afternoon, around 13:10. Authorities had to interrupt train traffic for almost two hours for safety reasons, and assess the damage to the railway lines.


Fortunately, no one suffered extensive injuries in the accident. However, the hypercar suffered massive damage and it is unlikely to get back on the road. We’re sure that if the accident was caused due to a technical fault, Koenigsegg will have a solution for the owner.


If you remember, the Swedish automobile manufacturer recorded the fastest ever 0-400-0 kmph run, with the help of an Agera RS. The 0-400-0 run time taken by the Agera RS was 36.44 seconds, almost eight seconds faster than the record previously held by the mighty Bugatti Chiron. In case you’re wondering, the Koenigsegg Agera RS uses a twin turbo V8 engine available with the One:1 Package that is capable of producing 1,360 hp and 1,371 Nm of torque.

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