Kawasaki ZX-25R Custom Screams At The Sentul Circuit (Video)


I guess we should put it out in public that we aren’t getting over the Kawasaki ZX-25R anytime soon. Though we know that it’s highly unlikely that we will get to swing our leg on this quarter-litre missile but still, the performance it packs and the screaming inline-4 growl is keeping us up at nights. Just when we thought that we were getting over it, Kawasaki Indonesia released another video of the ZX-25R Custom going around the Sentul circuit.

It seems like Satan himself called up Kawasaki Indonesia and asked them to build a custom ZX-25R for him. He must have particularly told them to pack as much firepower as they can in that compact packaging and not to forget, make it sound devilish as well. Kawasaki Indonesia has been working on this ZX-25R for a long time now and the end result is not pleasing. It’s mind-boggling!

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The video starts with listing all the major upgrades which the custom ZX-25R has received over the stock one and we will get to that later. A few seconds later, the rider is seen gearing up to take the absolutely manic motorcycle around the Sentul circuit. It is a motor racing circuit located in Indonesia. The current circuit is a truncated version of the original design. Approximately 40% shorter than the original, the circuit runs clockwise and is predominantly used for motorcycle racing and the Asian F3 series.

Sentul is a relatively simple, smooth, broad track with large runoff areas, enabling non-bumpy and smooth driving at racing speeds. Sentul has a 900-metre (3,000 ft) main straight that allows racers to attain a decent top speed before slowing for the right-hand Turn 1. All in all, a perfect background for the ZX-25R custom to play!

The list of mods

The video then culminates with the stock ZX-25R and the custom ZX-25R standing side by side and that goes on to showcase that the custom version is the devilish side of the already not-so-angelic stock ZX-25R. Which brings us to all the changes that have been made in order to build the custom version of the ZX-25R. It features custom footpegs which are followed by clip-ons and then custom levers and protectors. Later on, they got rid of the standard bodywork and dressed it in expensive, carbon fibre panels. The expansive transformation includes the rear cowl, the front fender, the entire fairing assembly, fuel tank, belly pan and the chain guard. And as the final treatment, it received an aftermarket Yoshimura exhaust.

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Kawasaki Zx 25R Custom Sentul Circuit

Pre-bookings of Kawasaki ZX-25R were commenced internationally although it is restricted to consumers in New Zealand. It has been priced at NZD 15,990 (excluding ORC) in New Zealand. That roughly translates to about a whopping Rs 7.85 lakh in Indian currency. Deliveries of the ZX-25R are scheduled to start in December 2020. It is powered by a new 250cc, 4-cylinder, DOHC engine. While the company has confirmed that the engine can rev to over 17,000rpm, the final specifications are yet to be revealed. The engine is coupled with a 6-speed gearbox.


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