Kawasaki Z125/ Z125pro, the fun mini street fighters are out!

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Kawasaki Z125 (10)

The street fighters in green have finally arrived. The highly anticipated Kawasaki Z125 has been unveiled, not alone but with two other variants – the Z125 and Z125 Pro. The Kawasaki Z125 will the first mini moto to challenge the monopoly of the MiniStreetXtremes from Honda. These mini rockets will be out face-to-face with the Honda Grom (MSX125)

Kawasaki Z125 (8)

The smallest of the family motorcycle Kawasaki Z series, The Z125/Z125 pro will roll out with a 125cc single cylinder, SOHC 2 Valve, Air Cooled engine with fuel injection spouting a maximum power of 9.5 PS, while fuel tank capacity stands at 7.4 liters. The Z125 has a breakthrough compared with the previous mini moto KSR110 by increasing the displacement from 110 to 125 cc. The Kawasaki Z125 will employ a 4-speed Automatic transmission while the Z125Pro will benefit from a 4 speed manual transmission.

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Features Kawasaki Z 125/Z 125 Pro

– Front: Upside down suspensions

– Rear: mono-shock

– Braking: front discs (200 mm) and rear (184 mm)

– Wheels Front: 100/90 12 inch Ring size 49J, and rear: 120/70 12 inch Ring size    51L

– Speedometer: Digital + Analog

– Under cowl, engine protector against splashing water, sludge etc.

– Exhaust underbelly (under the machine)

– The LED on the taillight (stop lamp)

– Shroud style of motor sport

– Weight: 101 kg

Kawasaki Z125 (14)

The Z125 inherits many of the design details from the larger Z models. However, the bike has its own personality traits, such as sharp headlights which extend vertically, street fighter style . The rear stop lights illuminates two ‘Z’ positioned opposite to each other to form a symmetry. Like Z800 and Z1000, Z125 features the array of strapless panelled aerodynamic edge sides, a  floating carburettor and silver stamps.

Kawasaki Z125 (12)

The underbelly exhaust system is placed under the compact machine, while the fuel tank with a raised spoiler extends downwards. The double saddle appears to be quite small and insufficient for a pillion. The instrument console is semi digital.

Kawasaki Z125 (5)

The Kawasaki Z125/Z125pro is equipped with a pair of alloy wheels, combined with single disc brake system size 200 mm 184 mm front and rear. In addition, the Z125 also owns a number of details inspired by other models as KLX or D-Tracker. The Kawasaki Z125/Z125pro will sell versions with 3 different colors, green – black, gray – silver and black – orange.

The Kawasaki Z125/Z125 pro will be available for around or above 1.35 lacs (INR).

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    Oh i find it to be lovely!!! A lot of people will buy one for sure just for the fun factor itself!!!