Here’s the new TVC for the Pulsar RS200 – does it excite you?

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Pulsar RS200 TVC

After drawing flak from the biking community for the first RS200 campaign which suggested enthusiasts to ‘leave track racing for the amateurs’, Bajaj has now come up with a new TVC. To start with, Bajaj has had a rich history of TV campaigns. From ‘Hamara Bajaj’ to ‘Pulsar Mania’, some of the ads from the Indian two-wheeler major have managed to etch a place for themselves in history as some of the best TV commercials ever made. That sort of a lineage is somewhat difficult to match, as an act of genius isn’t  an everyday affair.

We’d still trust Bajaj to offer something well above average though as the RS200 isn’t just another product from Bajaj. It’s the most powerful motorcycle in the two-wheeler maker’s model line-up as of date, and the newest, most exciting model in the legendary Pulsar line-up, that connects the brand with millions of motorcycling enthusiasts across the country. In that context, we would really have expected the new TVC to be something really special. Much as we hate saying this, though, it isn’t.

It’s a decent enough ad though, much better than some campaigns from other brands which have CGI heavy visuals showing unskilled riders doing stupid, irrelevant things. Here, the new RS is shown leading a leaping fire (a rather reckless, dangerous way to represent performance) and later jumping through inclines. It’s not quite in line with the lofty standards of the Pulsar’s ad history, though we’d suggest you have a look and let us know your own opinion. Here’s the video.

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