Kawasaki Versys 250 under development, to compete with the KTM 200/390 Adventure?

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Kawasaki Versys 250 Render

Kawasaki Versys 250 Render

KTM and Royal Enfield are working on their respective entry-level adventure motorcycles and it seems like Kawasaki is in no mood to stay behind. If recent rumours are to be believed, the Japanese two-wheeler maker might be working on a Versys 650 based entry-level adventure motorcycle with cubic capacity of 250cc. Moreover, it is suspected that the quarter-litre engine on the Versys 250 will be the same two-cylinder unit that performs the power generation tasks on the Ninja 250R and the Z250. So one can expect the power output figures to hover around the 32-33PS mark.

We also came across an image on an Indonesian website with a quote saying “Bocoran Main Dealer… Versys 250“, indicating some association with a dealer. But on closer inspection the image appears to be a Photoshopped rendition of the 650, with changes made to make it look like a 250.

2015-Kawasaki-Versys-650 - Official Images - 6

The middleweight Kawasaki Verys 650 in action

As suggested by the Indonesian website, the Versys 250 will be based on the Kawasaki Ninja 250R FI Twin and will share its Diamond frame with the Z250. The website also indicates that the Versys 250 may come equipped with a upside down suspension at the front but we believe that Kawasaki may want to keep the prices competitive by introducing the run-of-the-mill telescopic suspension. Braking duties, if the rendered image is something to go by, would be performed by ventilated petal discs from Nissin. The motorcycle, similar to its larger displacement siblings, is likely to receive an underbelly suspension for a lower centre of gravity.

There is no official confirmation about the quarter-litre Versys but with the lower cubic capacity, affordable adventure motorcycles being the flavour of the day, we believe it would not be such a bad idea for Kawasaki to consider one. Wouldn’t you like to see a Kawasaki Versys 250 heading our way soon? Do share your views with us through the comments section below and our social networks.

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  • qwert says:

    I suggest to indian bike manufacturares ,Bajaz,hero,honda,yamaha,…etc,just fit /assemble 200 and 250cc /up to 300cc engines to body chaasis of 100 cc bikes with light modification in respect of weight to balance the speed without vibrations .you are wasting money by binging no of bikes in the segment of 200 to 300cc bikes.bajaz is making no of models with disturbed brain.hero chosen sports men for karizma r new one but it was purchased by only sports men what about others they rejected so no one was there to buy it. Is it not same to hero .why are you getting so much strain to develop these models .It is simple you just fit 300 cc engine to 100 cc body such as old karizma R ,hunk,xtream,splender,platina 1259It hAS nice looks)…One mor suggestion is bike driving is more strain full but scooty driving is strain less and suitable to long tourse with luggage .you fit 200 to 300 cc engines to cooties if necessary to increase mileage you make them as gears transimission.We have no minimum sense in this regard .I am ER.

  • aman says:

    This news is a shot in the arm for adventure touring section, which is still in its infancy in India. Though there have been baby steps (courtesy Bajaj with their AS 200 and AS 150 launches). But Adventure Bikes as a whole have yet to take off in India. Maybe Kawasaki Versys 250 will change that. Surely Duke 390 Adventure will redefine the segment. And it will have the added advantage of competitive pricing, being from Bajaj’s stable. What Kawasaki has to be beat KTM on is
    1. Pricing ( keep it under Rs 2 lakh)
    2. Power (Duke 390 Adventure will have the same mill as Duke 390, so the Power will be in the region of 40 BHP)
    3. Safety (ABS will come as standard in Duke 390 Adventure).

    If Kawasaki has these sorted, then maybe the Versys 250 has a chance to make a dent in this yet unexplored segment. Otherwise, despite the bike being good (if the Versys DNS is anything to go by), it may not take off in India.

  • Nitish says:

    This is a very good move by kawasaki.. But what will be even more impressive will be a versys 300, with the hard case options like in the 650 and 1000..A GT version of sorts.. This is priced right will sell like pan cakes as an entry level sports-tourer..

  • Nishanth says:

    Looks Amazing !