Kar-Worx & Spa launches Williams F1 Ceramic and Synthetic Coatings for cars in India

Kar-Worx and Spa, Mumbai, launched Williams F1 Ceramic and Synthetic Coatings for cars in India. Product was initially used on NASA satellites.

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At the recently concluded Parx Supercar Show, Kar-Worx and Spa, located at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, launched Williams F1 Ceramic and Synthetic Coatings for cars in India. This Nano technology product was initially used on NASA satellites and US Defense Contracts, and after it’s success, Williams F1 along with Ultimotive rebranded it for cars. All of Williams Formula One race cars are coated with the Ceramic coating.

Every time a car is polished, the thickness of the paint gets cut, causing the original colour to gradually fade allowing minor scratches and stones to chip the paint. Ceramic coat creates a hard layer on the car protecting the original paint and gloss. Swirl marks, minor hairline scratches start showing up on cars barely a fortnight after leaving the showroom/ service centre. With this product, the car owner can retain the resale value without bleeding time and money on its maintenance. The product is also suitable for used cars. Any scratches or swirl marks will be corrected by Kar-Worx before application of the Ceramic Coat.

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The product unlike a Teflon coating binds with the polymers of the paint to create an extremely durable surface on top of the paintwork. It is 2 microns thick as compared to a regular coating, which is barely 0.02 microns thick. This adds to the resistance of these coatings against:

– Road Grime & exhaust fumes

– Bird Lime

– Tree Sap

– Sunlight (Ultraviolet rays)

– Extreme weather conditions

Advantages to car owners:

– Low maintenance burden post coating

– Restore the original car paint, hence higher resale value

– Save money and time on detailing cars every six months

– Williams F1 brand comes with credibility and quality

– Ceramic coating gives a 5 year guarantee and Synthetic coating gives a 3 year guarantee

– The service is transferable in case of sale of car

– 5 year basic upkeep and gloss enhancement to be provided by Kar-Worx for Ceramic coating and 3 year for Synthetic coating

– Service covers Exterior as well as Interior of the car including trunk, engine compartment, glass, alloys, plastic parts, etc.

– Does not change feel and look of leather, fabric or the exterior of the car


However, the coatings are not recommended for front and rear windscreen. Apart from Williams Ceramic Coats, Kar-Worx also launched two other key products:

Heyner Wipers: High quality german flat-bed wiper brand which comes with a universal adapter that suits all cars. These wipers have been tested over 18 lakh times to be streak & noise free. Starting price is approximately Rs. 600/- a pair and can go upto Rs. 3,500/- for certain models.

VMF Battery: The makers of Varta (OEM for Mercedes and Audi),  have introduced a new technology of Calcium/Calcium batteries that do not self-discharge even after a year of inactivity. These are environmentally friendly and maintenance free at a more competitive price.

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