Kappa Touring Accesories Make The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Long Distance Ready

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When it comes to long-distance touring which majorly consists of highways, there’s no denying to the fact that the Interceptor 650 is a very capable machine. Being a Royal Enfield, there are a host of aftermarket accessories available to personalize the motorcycle according to your needs. If you are a hard-core tourer who just wants to decimate highway miles astride your Interceptor 650, Kappa, an Italian accessory brand has launched a host of touring accessories that will make the Interceptor 650 even more touring friendly.

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Kappa is a well-known brand and they have been manufacturing premium accessories for motorcycles for quite some time now. When it comes to RE motorcycles, they have already rolled out accessories for the Royal Enfield Himalayan and Royal Enfield Classic 500 so it was only a matter of time since they focused their attention on the Interceptor 650. They are offering a bunch of windscreens that might not look that aesthetically pleasing but by the looks of it, they will offer the much-needed wind resistance the otherwise stock Interceptor 650 lacks. The windblast becomes quite bothersome after a certain speed on any motorcycle where the rider is exposed.

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They are also providing luggage solutions which include a high-quality rear luggage rack. You can either tie your luggage on the rack or you can accommodate a hard top-case with a lock. Saddlebags have been the go-to choice for luggage solutions for a very long time now but with the upswept exhaust system like the Interceptor 650, they become a thing to worry about.

Interceptor 650 Kappa accesories

To make your long-distance tours on your Interceptor 650 a less troublesome affair, Kappa is also offering pannier holders for the Interceptor 650. Considering the irritation of ill-fitting saddlebags, a set of side racks would be a welcome upgrade for most people considering serious touring. In case you find yourself in a tough spot and tip the motorcycle over, Kappa is also offering a glossy black 25 mm diameter engine guard.

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All these additions will transform a regular Interceptor 650 into a serious mile-muncher! Visit kappa’s website for more details regarding these accessories.

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