JK Tyre Monsoon Ride 2010

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JK Tyre Monsoon Ride, a TSD (Time Distance Speed) event will be held from 30th July to 1st August, in association with Western Motorsports, a Jaipur based motorsports club which is led by young motorsport enthusiasts.

The event which was coined last year, recieved phenomenal response from enthusiasts all across the country and this year too, the Monsoon Ride will set the advrenaline racing of motorsport junkies who will be put through a ride of 400 kms, while battling on some of the toughest terrain, weather and road conditions.

There will be four classes in this event:

1. Overall Cars ( Team of two driver + navigator)

2. Bikes ( Rider / Rider + Pillion)

3. Scooters ( Rider / Rider + Pillion)

4. Cars ( All Women) ( Team of two driver+ navigator)

The tentative schedule of the event is as follows:

30th July 2010- Scrutiny for Jaipur participants

31st July 2010- Scrutiny for outside Jaipur participants

1st August 2010- Start of the rally

Entry forms will be available from 15th May 2010 on www.westernmotorsports.in & www.themonsoonride.com

For further information on the event, you can drop in a line at [email protected] and as usual Motoroids will be there to remind you once again when the forms are out!

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