Jeep to hit Indian shores in late 2015: Brand Chief

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Land Rover’s entry into Indian car market took luxury SUV segment to a whole new level. Local manufacturing was another major step which resulted more affordable priced luxury SUVs. So, what is the next big thing for this segment? It’s a four letter word which defined the SUV segment once – the JEEP.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brand’s chief Mike Manley, said on Thursday that the company will begin selling Jeep, the SUV brand central to its global expansion, in India in 2015.


Manley, speaking at a Fiat Chrysler test track event in southeast Michigan, said the first two models to enter the Indian market would be the mid-sized Cherokee and the rugged Wrangler SUV. However, the core vehicles for the brand, are expected to be imported as CBUs and would be imported in only a small fraction because of their relatively lofty price, which will be escalated by the import duty.

Production line is expected to be a Fiat-Tata Motors Ltd joint-venture plant. But, there may not be a huge capacity at disposal as Fiat has just refreshed its lineup in India, Manley said.


Manley also spoke about told reporters about Fiat Chrysler Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne’s ambitious goal of selling 1 million vehicles globally this year, up 37 percent, which Jeep is on track to meet.

“Last month helped us a lot, hitting 100,000 vehicles around the world. It was a really big milestone,” Manley said.

Most of the details are out.All we can say is cut back on junk food, theatres and unwanted expenses and start saving for the upcoming Jeep!

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Source: Reuters via Financial Times

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