Jaguar Land Rover record global sales for September 2013

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Jaguar Land Rover retailed 43,181 vehicles in the month of September 2013, up 17% versus the same period last year. During the first nine months of the year, Jaguar Land Rover sold 312,834 vehicles, up 16%.
Here is the breakup of sales performance of Jaguar Land Rover in various regions

  • China up 46%
  • Asia Pacific up 29%
  • UK up 11%
  • Europe up 8%
  • North America up 6%
  • Other overseas markets up 15%

Here’s the individual performance breakup for Jaguar and Land Rover


In September, Jaguar sold 8,462 vehicles up 35% reflecting F-TYPE introduction, continued demand for all XF derivatives and a solid performance from the XJ, up 51%. Jaguar demonstrated growth in all of the major regions: China Region up 218% reflecting the impact of new model actions introduced in the intervening period, North America up 36%, Asia Pacific up 30%, Europe up 12%, the UK up 8% and other overseas markets up 50%.
Calendar year to date, Jaguar sold 57,660 vehicles up 38% with increases in each major region: 122% up in the China Region, 33% in North America, 24% in Asia Pacific,  19% in the UK, 18% in Europe and 29% in other overseas markets.

Land Rover

In September, Land Rover sold 34,719 vehicles, up 13% with a particularly strong month from the Range Rover Evoque up 31% – a record September performance, and all-new Range Rover Sport which sold 5,193 vehicles in September. Positive performances were recorded in: the China Region up 30%, Asia Pacific up 29%, the UK up 12% and Europe up 8%. Sales in North America were down by 2% due to run out of the original Range Rover Sport, the new model is now being launched in the market.

Other salient points about Jaguar Land Rover sales are as follows:

  • Jaguar Land Rover delivers best ever September sales performance retailing 43,181 vehicles, up 17%
  • Jaguar calendar year to date sales surpass its 2012 full year performance
  • Range Rover Evoque delivers record September sales performance
  • Jaguar sells 8,462 vehicles in September, up 35%
  • Land Rover sells 34,719 vehicles in September, up 13%
  • Calendar year to date Jaguar Land Rover sells 312,834vehicles, up 16%

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