BMW Readying Next-Gen X1 Crossover; To Debut in 2015

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BMW has started testing its next-generation X1 crossover in Germany.

This next-gen BMW X1 is codenamed F48, and is likely to make its debut in 2015. It is built on BMW’s new UKL1 FWD platform which is the same one used for the 1 Series hatchback. BMW is likely to build the upcoming 1-Series GT MPV and also, the 2-Series on this platform. Also, due to this new X1 being based on the UKL1 platform,  the  compact crossover will be available in front- and all-wheel drive versions, unlike the current X1 that’s offered in rear- and all-wheel drive configurations.


BMW is unlikely to offer the F48 X1 crossover with a 6 cylinder petrol motor. The only engines on offer will be the next generation 4 pot petrol and diesel engines.

The UKL1 platform employs the ability for mounting of the engine transversely. It also is scalable to be equipped with all wheel drive. Built majorly from steel, this platform will be used by BMW in the upcoming BMW’s on a large scale.

The biggest move will be the switch to FWD from RWD, for which BMW’s are known for. The fun-to-drive factor plays a major part in BMW’s sales. Also, the new X1 is expected to be more spacious and lighter than the current X1.

This new Bimmer will be pitted against the entry level Audi Q range, and also the upcoming Mercedes’ compact luxury SUV-GLA.

The current X1 was launched in India in February 2013.

Stay tuned to Motoroids for more updates on the upcoming F48 BMW x1.


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