Italdesign To Launch One-off Supercar At The 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Italdesign supercar: The Italian design centre will launch a one-off super-car at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, for a handful of collectors.

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The Italian design centre will launch a one-off super-car at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, for a handful of collectors.

What do we know so far about this project?


This is not the first time Italdesign starts up a small series production. The same challenge begun in the 1970s with the BMW M1, and continued in the 1980s with the Aztec prototype and the in the 1990s with BMW Nazca and VW W12. For those who don’t remember well, Italdesign was created by Giorgetto Giugiaro in 1968 and was bought by Audi in 2010. Giugiaro himself was the head of the company till 2015, when he sold the ultimate 10% he owned. He was supposed to retire but is still active in car design.


So far, Italdesign has published four teasers for its upcoming ‘one-off’ supercar – plus the brand new logo it will bear. In the latest of the studio photos – all in black & white and purposefully darkened – you can see the ‘Italdesign’ inscription with a diffuser underneath. In the caption you can read: “The first story is ready to be told”.

To decode this message you need to go back to the previous teasers published by Italdesign. In one of them you could read: “This year we will shine a light on 5 special stories. For 5 visionary collectors”. Which means that the car will be produced initially in 5 units. So the first story is about the No1 car that will premiere in Geneva that was ordered by a European collector.


In the same black and white photo there is an hexagonal headlight – a proof that the car was designed by Filippo Perini, the bright Italian who was the head of Lamborghini Italia before undertaking the Italdesign task. He is the same guy who previously introduced the polygon pattern in the Huracan and now he comes back evolving the same concept differently in the Italdesign supercar.

On the 3rd teaser that was published early on February, we could see the front fender air vents and a generous spoiler on the blurred background. You can imagine the car’s thorough aerodynamic studies from this. The respective caption writes: “Powerful engine, high performances. It will be an extraordinary story on ordinary roads”.


What does this mean? That the car will be road legal. Considering this and the prohibitive homologation costs, we can say that Italdesign must have picked one of the super platforms from VW-Audi shelf to make the car.

Which platform? Nobody outside Moncalieri knows. What we can presume is that it must be one of the following platforms: the Lamborghini Huracan/Audi R8, or the Aventador carbon chassis, or ultimately the Porsche 918 hybrid platform. We will get to know in Geneva.


What we already know is that the car’s family name will be Italdesign and it will bear the brand new logo with a bull head depicted on black background. It is not the Lambo bull logo but a completely new one that is inspired by the storical escutcheon of the city of Turin.

Filippo Perini explains precisely the origins of the newest car logo in the Italian exotica industry: “When designing this new logo, we were inspired by the symbol of the City of Turin. In this city the history of Italian automobile was born, the most famous and prestigious carmakers were born, as well as the ’coachbuilders‘ who made the Italian car design famous worldwide. Besides, it’s the city which hosted, from 1968 to 1974, the first Headquarters of Italdesign. With this logo therefore we wanted to celebrate the passion and the know-how that ideally unite Italdesign and Turin”.


The new Italdesign supercar will premiere in Hall 2 of Palexpo on March 7th – press day before the official motor show opening.

Italdesign Supercar Teaser (4)
Italdesign Supercar Teaser (3)
Italdesign Supercar Teaser (2)
Italdesign Supercar Teaser (1)
1997-Volkswagen-W12 Concept-side-view

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