ISI Vs DOT Vs ECE Vs SNELL: What Are The Differences And Which One is Better?

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As the Government gears up to ban non-ISI helmets in the country, serious motorcyclists are concerned that they will not be able to use the international standard certified products from world renowned brands like AGV, ARAI and the likes. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways assured that they are only interested in removing the spurious and non-standard helmets from the country.

Read the reply from Abhay Damle, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways:

Motoroids – Quality control Order for helmet

But what exactly is the differences between the safety standards. In this video from Motoroids, we compare DOT, ECE and ISI certified helmets. We explain the helmet testing methodology of helmet certification agencies – DoT, ECE, SNELL and ISI. This video also talks about the recent ISI Helmet safety norms which are causing a lot of confusion and anguish within the biker community.

Watch the full video below (in Hindi):

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